April 12, 2014

Who Are In-Charged With Student Employability?

Graduating with flying honors is not the end of the endeavors for students. In fact, it’s just a starting point of what really lies ahead. There is so much we can learn at school but education does not end in the four corners of a classroom. Learning is everywhere and anywhere. We can learn put of simple circumstances we face. In relation to this, we have the big question in mind: who is responsible in creating model employees? Is it the university or the student himself?

Perhaps you have heard of the book “If You Liked School, You’ll Love Work”. It is actually a compilation of short stories but the title says it all in our case here. Maybe it’s true in the real sense. Those who excel in school have more possibilities of doing it well for work as well. But how about those who are just in the average level? Does it mean they can’t do it? We say no, as the individual alone can be responsible with his acts. Maybe he didn’t make it in school but who knows, he can do better at work? Universities really play a big role on the student’s life as a whole but as an individual, he still knows his capability as a future model employee.

March 01, 2014

A Guide on Writing Term Papers on Abortion

Abortion has been a contentious issue for years and therefore writing an essay about it may get on some nerves. It is a highly debatable topic since there are those who support abortion while there are those who do not. Therefore, it can be a little challenging to choose whether to go for abortion or to go against it. In my opinion, the best way to write an abortion term paper is to present the validity of both the arguments for and against abortion and let the reader decide which side to go with.

The first part of your abortion term paper should be the title page. The most preferred procedure of writing the title page of your term paper is MLA. When writing in MLA style, the sentences in your entire document need to be double-spaced. The beginning of each word needs to be capitalized and the centre aligned. On the title page, include your name, the course name, the name of your instructor and the submission date. Then, include a table of contents with the relevant headings and sub-headings. The introduction of your abortion term paper should give a brief explanation on abortion and indicate the aim of your term paper.

The main body of your abortion term paper is the longest section. It should be divided into sub-sections and in each, you need to state your main point, present your arguments and then give the appropriate information. You will need to use in-text citations to show the source materials that you used to get your information. In the conclusion of your document, you will be required to give a summary of the problem you stated and the results that you found. Finally, include the sources written in the required citation style in the bibliography and then include the information on the maps, graphs and figures attained in the appendix.

February 25, 2014

Worst Resum├ęs of All Time

Over the years, job-seekers have made the usual blunders and mistakes on their resumes that get them thrown out or generally ignored by hiring managers and potential employers. Personally, the spelling mistakes, forgetting to send the resume with a cover letter and the general lack of attention to detail cost me a lot of possible job offers. However, for your resume to be classified as the “worst,” you really need to make an impression that will get you remembered years to come.

When job-seekers write their resumes, their main aim is to stand out so as to get a better chance at landing the job they are applying for. These ill-advised attempts to be the best candidate they can be ends up making them laughing stocks, which is just the element you need in order to join the “worst” category. One such candidate is the now-famous Yale undergraduate Alexy Vayner. In his attempt to stand out, he sent a rather shocking and hilariously impressive promotional video with his resume. I guess he decided that a cover letter would simply not be enough to showcase his skills and talents. The video is adequately titled “Impossible is Nothing” and it is certainly worth checking out.

Another candidate who achieved greatness as the best in the “worst resumes ever” category was “Matthew.” This candidate clearly misunderstood what adding a splash of color means. In his cover letter, he decided to use a different font color for each sentence. If I had been the hiring manager who first received this letter, it would have certainly made my day for its purely comedic properties. His goal was to stand out and stand out he did. Needless to say, his cover letter was not accepted by the hiring manager and he did not get the job. However, he did at least manage to win something; the title for most embarrassing and outrageous application ever!

An Annoying Trip Home

One of the things that I am absolutely not happy about is the commute home from work. You see, I’d rather ride a public transport than drive my own car, nowadays. At least when I am riding lets say a cab I get to relax a bit. My commute from work back home usually doesn’t take about an hour but whne there is a huge traffic build up it can take about 2 hours top.

I usually ride a jeepney because sometimes they are faster a lot cheaper compared to cabs. But let me tell you that those rides have a cheap Audix system that can make your headache most of the time. So when commuting home I’d rather have an earphones plugged into my ears to avoid unnecessary noise.